Why buy Baby Casper?

It's the first token with a functioning builtin BURN mechanism that Rewards You with FTM! And a smart contract designed to Secure Asset Funds for Users!

At Baby Casper (BABYCASPER) your diamond hands will be covered in paper from all the FTM you’ll be printing. Grab a bag and watch your FTM printer work overdrive while the total supply decreases day per day.

By compounding your FTM rewards back into Baby Casper you can optimize your printer for maximal efficiency!


Liquidity is locked in pink.finance for 6 months! Our smart contract doesn't have enable/disable trading option! This means the team cannot rug/honeypot the project. The lock will be extended as we build a stronger community as the days go by.



3% of all transactions are distributed to holders in FTM BEP20. You can sell your reflections through APESWAP or transfer them to your Binance account. No need to claim, all distributions happen automatically roughly every hour depending on the volume. Higher the volume the more often rewards are sent out.


12bnb Private Sale x holders +soft/hardcap TBA through pink.finance launchpad we will edit this again once we decide


Burned forever making increasing deflationary pressure on the price making price skyrocket! Our smart contract burns immediately the collected tokens from tax that they are more than 2 contract sells. This also reduces contract from dumping the price.

FTM Rewards Calculator

We are working on the calculator and will release soon!










How it all started and where we wish to go

October 2021

Project Launch

  • Project design.

  • Smart Contract design.

  • Socials+Website Design.

  • Whitepaper v1.0 Release.

  • Private Sale 12bnb.

  • Project Launch.

  • Rewards Calculator LIVE!

  • Trick or Treat competition with huge rewards For Halloween!
November 2021

Project Moon Mission

  • Apply for CG, CMC, nomics.com, Live Coin Watch.

  • More marketing push with Twitter influencers.

  • Beta access for a decentralized application that we are already in the works.

  • Unique usecase for BabyCasper Holders , as we aim to add an SpookyNFT launch pad where Spooky and Goth Artists can wholesale their mints in our platform with the weekly rent price to touch 1150 usd at the early stage.

  • BabyCasper will not be used to mint NFT token, but will be the Governance Token of the SpookyPAD.
December 2021

Final dApp

  • The final version of our dapp will be LIVE , with BabyCasper to be the governance token of the MintPAD and its community to decide the next NFT releases.

  • Whitepaper updated release.

  • Trending on sites.

  • More marketing.

Baby Casper Lands on the MOON!

  • More Marketing.

  • Look into CEX listings.